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If you let me love you by Eira1893
If you let me love you
LOK, Mako and OC couple again, OC is Iroh II's kid sister, Anzu.
ASC 180, so 9ish years after the end of Season 2.
I just can't imagine Mako being anything but grumpy during an adventure out into the frozen tundra (even though he seemed fine with it in the show, I bet he was complaining internally the whole time).


The background is taken straight from the show with editing done by me, but I DID finally go back and find the source I originally used.…

I'm currently working on going through old artwork and remastering or completely redoing some of them, so keep an eye out. Currently, I also have no scanner so my plans for Disney at Hogwarts are temporarily on hold!

(I know, I know. I'm a procrastinator. Boooooooo.)
Zutara Week 2014: Unrequited by Eira1893
Zutara Week 2014: Unrequited
Day 5.

Unrequited: adjective (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded.

"I will never ever turn my back on people who need me." 

Happy (belated) Zutara Week! 

I must have gone through at least six different ideas for this one, three of which made it to rough drafts, and this one actually only came after I ripped up the other two for not following the theme AT ALL. But Never the less, here it is. Unrequited. I've been DYING to do a Blue Spirit and Painted Lady Zutara picture (as the only one I've done previously--no do not go looking for it--sucks beyond belief). And to be honest, this was the only picture I had that actually captured any longing or pain between the two. The others just ended up being....really hot. Very requited, not unrequited.

Can I just say...there are way too many in-show variations for the Blue Spirit's sneaky clothes. For a banished prince and undercover peasant, that boy sure has a lot of clothes. Like...where does he keep it all..?

Sorry for the delay, everyone, but this is a very busy and exciting time for me. Suddenly, everything has lined up and I have not only a room out in my home town with my best friend, but also a 90% assured job and I'm going to be moving back home in two and a half weeks! Holy Agni. That may not sound like a huge reason for delay to some people, but let me tell you--two weeks to plan a road trip and a move is NOT a lot of time. Especially on a less-than-normal-college-student's-budget. 

Credit: The background is an edited version of this beautiful background of some village (I couldn't find the first original source, so I am just posting the one that I used)…

As of right now, I have NOTHING more completed towards Zutara week, but I AM NOT GIVING UP. It won't be done for a while, but they will be done!


Day 1:…
Day 2: Jubilant...…
Day 3: Motorcycle...…
Day 4: [Cobalt] Blue...…
Day 5: Unrequited.... here
Day 6: Socks... coming later!
Day 7: Slow Dancing... coming later!
Zutara Week 2014: Blue by Eira1893
Zutara Week 2014: Blue
Day 4.

Cobalt Blue: noun. a deep blue pigment containing cobalt and aluminum oxides.

Happy Zutara Week, everyone!

I hope you enjoy this one, it was definitely my favourite so far to do! Unfortunitely, because it took so long to finish, it's also going to have to be the last one until I have a little more time on my hands. There's a lot going on this week and unfortunately even Zutara Week can't be moved forward in the list of priorities. I will try to finish the rest of the pictures by next week at the LATEST, but I can't make any guarantees with how long THIS THING took. 

When I started this picture, I was all pumped. I was thinking, "Hell yeah, this prompt is so easy! I know just what to do! I'll be done in two or three hours. Tops."

No. I got in the way. Too many ideas. Order did not compute. I haven't spent this much time on a two-person drawing in...ever.

Also, this is a bit embarassing. It wasn't until I had this picture completely FINISHED and was going through cleaning up, retouching, making finishing touches etc that I realized Day 4's prompt was COBALT and not CYAN. I am reallllllly dyslexic sometimes. Never-the-less, there is no good way for me to go and change it, and I don't think it's that big of a deal anyway. I like it how it is, blue is blue and I like the emotion of this piece a whole lot more than anything I could come up with for cobalt (well, except something with the Blue Spirit now that I think about it). Oh well. C'est la vie. I made the beads on her hair loopies cobalt, so...

The idea/story behind this picture is that the egg that Zuko has is the one that will eventually hatch into Druk, the dragon we see Lord Zuko riding in the new episodes of Legend of Korra. In the image, the egg has a severe crack on the top. While they were in the Southern Water Tribe, Zuko accidently slipped and dropped the egg on the ice and so in a state of blind panic and guilt, he woke Katara up in the middle of the night and begged her to help him and to heal it before it was too late. Because frantic Zuko would be just absolutely adorable. Theoretically, this background is meant to be a spiritual place in the South, and Katara is using spirit water on the dragon egg while Zuko keeps it wrapped up in a blanket and provides a source of heat.

Obviously I'm not an egg trauma surgeon. Let alone for a little baby dragon.

Credit: For the background I used this image the Mendenhall Ice Caverns in Alaska…

And for Druk's egg, I used this semi-popular image of a fire agate crystal and edited it to my liking as well as added that pretty devastating crack.…

* Trivia. The betrothal necklace in Day 1: Meloncholy is meant to look like it was carved from a piece of this dragon egg. I don't know a whole lot about dragons or their eggs, but I do believe that the shell would be rather resiliant especially after years of drying and I could see Zuko being enough of a sentimental sap that he would want to carve her necklace out of something that meant so much to him.

Keep up all the wonderful work, everyone!

Day 1:…
Day 2: Jubilant....…
Day 3: Motorcycle....…
Day 4: [Cobalt] Blue.... here
Day 5: Unrequited.... 
coming later!


Annabella B.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

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