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Zutara Week 2014: Melancholy by Eira1893 Zutara Week 2014: Melancholy by Eira1893
Day 1.

Melancholy: noun. a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

Despite the sad beginning, HAPPY ZUTARA WEEK everyone!

I'm sorry for all the choppy lines. One of these days, I hope to own an actual tablet, but until then I'm stuck just drawing with the itty bitty touchpad on my laptop and attempting to clean up the lines as much as possible. They're much more noticeable in this picture than usual.

So it's not the exact textbook definition of melancholy, but I couldn't resist. This particular drawing was inspired by the Legend of Korra  rumour (spoiler ahead) that there will be a character death, and the rumour that it will be Katara's. If that turns out to be true, I will literally have a fit if there isn't a reunion between these two on, or before, she is on her deathbed (and maybe Toph, if she is indeed still alive).

I'm doing my best to keep up with the pictures this time around, but unfortunately I'm already falling behind so some of my submissions will most likely be coming in late or next week. I'm excited to see what everyone's come up with this year!

Day 1: Melancholy.... here.
Day 2: Jubilant....…
Day 3: Motorcycle....…
Day 4: [Cobalt] Blue...…
Day 5: Unrequited...…
Day 6: Socks ....coming later!
Day 7: Slow Dancing ....coming later!
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ZpOnhA Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
aaaawwww <3
My first thought *growing old together* :snuzzle: V3 
But then I read the description.... stupid Bryke =( they were so great together =(
Eira1893 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student General Artist
They had SUCH great chemistry! I will be mad at Bryke for denying them their love forever :(
Akias Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You did this with a laptop touchpad? Geez!

Awesome stuff! There are some details that are hard to catch because they're so well ingrained into the emotions (like Zuko's subtle tear). This is great.
L-MASTER Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
great! TT^TT
happyzuko Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
whoa this is powerful
Heart-of-Moons Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
This is so sweet!
roselie33 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Amazing!! All these feels just from one picture!Waaaah!  The detail you put into this is incredible, is that supposed to be Katara's betrothal necklace clutched between their joined hands? Kudos!Clap 
Eira1893 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you! 
Yes, that is in fact supposed to be a betrothal necklace. 
Originally, I was going to put a caption beneath the deviation that read, "I should have come back for you" or something like that (it's slipping my mind now, grr) with the idea behind it that maybe in the Legend of Korra timeline, Zuko and Katara were together for a time but something happened that drove her to leave and instead of following after her, he let his anger and pride get the best of him and they both moved on with their lives. And yet he spent years carving the necklace with the intent to give it to her, but kept putting it off until he heard word that she was dying and couldn't wait any longer. I don't know. I keep trying to find ways to rationalize why they didn't end up together. :(
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
This is very sweet and well-drawn.  Although I do have to point out that Zuko looks not unlike Santa in his winter coat.

Yeah, if there is a major character death (besides the antagonists, obviously), it will almost certainly be Katara, and it probably won't happen until Book 4.  Which is okay with pretty much the whole fandom.  We can wait.
Eira1893 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you! Haha, I hadn't even considered the parallel between Zuko and Santa here! I was just completely focused on putting in the contrasting colours.

I realize that it's realistic for one of the Last Airbender characters to die pretty soon here, seeing as they're all climbing into their nineties now, but like you said, we can wait. I'm perfectly content waiting a LONG time for that. I'm still waiting for Aunt Wu's prediction of Katara having her third great-grand child  to come true before she passes (and I really hope the creators don't just use that as a "fun" way to squeeze in a lame way of introducing some surprise children of Bumi's or Kya's).
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well, to be honest, I can kind of see them doing that with Bumi.  Not so much with Kya, seeing as how it's far less common for a mother to not know she has children than it is for the father.  Unless you're Ursa and got a physical and mental makeover from a centipede's mom.  But I get the distinct impression that's an exception rather than the norm.
Eira1893 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
That's a good point. And while it would definitely make more sense for Bumi to have a bunch of unbeknownst rugrats, I still am hoping they don't throw in that "plot twist" just for the sake of expanding the family on screen. If he does have kids, that's cool, but if he hasn't already met them at almost 60 years old (give or take), what are the realistic chances of meeting them? Unless it's another case of Bolin-and-Mako meeting their cousins and Grandmother out of the blue.
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
True, and even that we were prepared for with Bolin speculating--even hoping--that they would run into their dad's family.
KaliannShevlin Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
I really like this. Is amazing
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